Terms of Use

Thanks a lot for donating the computing cycles to the TACC-2-BOINC project!

1) We will be saving the following data related to the computing cycles donated by you: Email Address, Screen Name, Password, Country. We will be anonymizing your screen name for displaying your contributions on the leaderboard. We will notify you about the anonymized name assigned to your volunteer profile. If you would like to have your screen-name displayed on the leaderboard (instead of your anonymized name), please send us an email at ritu.arora@utsa.edu .

2) We guarantee the erasure of the aforementioned information from our server/s should you desire to do so after opting out as a volunteer. Please send an email at the following address to request the erasure of your data: ritu.arora@utsa.edu

3) Joining the TACC-2-BOINC project requires downloading the BOINC client and completing the sign-up process on the TACC-2-BOINC website. You are welcome to adjust the default settings of the BOINC client to start and stop running it as per your desire.

4) By joining the TACC-2-BOINC project as a volunteer, you would be donating the computing cycles of your devices and would be footing the electricity bill associated with this donation.

5) The TACC-2-BOINC project team and/or the University of Texas at Austin would not be liable for any charges incurred with the aforementioned donation of computing cycles.