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1) Message boards : Number crunching : 8gb of RAM per task? (Message 38)
Posted 5 Mar 2019 by zombie67 [MM]
Yikes! That is going to make it un-runnable for a lot of machines. Does it really need 8gb?
2) Message boards : Number crunching : anonymized names (Message 34)
Posted 4 Mar 2019 by zombie67 [MM]

I'm not sure if this was a replay to my post. But assuming it is, I joined without ever clicking on the "rules and policies" link. I assume 99%+ never do either. And if that is the only opportunity to ever see that page, that's a problem. It should be someplace that you can go to anytime you have a question or concern about rules or policies. Right? Maybe a Link under "Site" or "About"? Follow my train of thought: I have joined the project, and am now happily crunching along. I see my stats aren't showing my name, in fact, I can't find my name anywhere. Just a bunch of gibberish names. I click through all the menus, and nothing talks about it at all. Now what? There is no way to retroactively know about that info page. Heck, even if I did click on that page when I joined, how do I get back to it if I forgot about it?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : anonymized names (Message 30)
Posted 4 Mar 2019 by zombie67 [MM]
As per the project policy, by default, the names displayed on the leaderboard are anonymized. However, volunteers are welcome to send in a request to use their screen names on the leaderboard instead of their anonymized names. This project policy is explained under "Privacy policy" on the following page:

There is no link to this "info" page anywhere on the site. I went through every link in the menu bar at the top. Maybe I missed it. But I don't think so.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Vbox Requirements (Message 25)
Posted 3 Mar 2019 by zombie67 [MM]

    I have errors across all 6 of my machines.
    3 of 6 are Macs, and all three have completed some tasks successfully. These machines have 4 or 8 threads.
    3 of 6 are Windows 64 machines. None have completed any tasks successfully. These machines have 10, 16, and 28 threads.

So I am not sure if the problem is related to windows, or large thread counts, or maybe the combination of windows with large thread counts.

Edit: I used an app_config.xml file to limit the number of threads per task to 4 on my windows machines. Tasks now complete and validate. It appears that the tasks do not like it when there are too many threads available. Also, I noticed that the CPU utilization was still very low at 4/task. So I changed it to 2/task, which helped maximize CPU utilization. Of course, this means a huge amount of RAM is required to run multiples, at 6gb/task.

In any case, I suggest the project limits the number of threads used per task to 2, so each user doesn't have to manually add app_config.xml files to every machine.